Earth day 2023 and how to protect its legacy

Earth day 2023 and how to protect its legacy

It's Earth day. Time to actually do something for its wellbeing.

This weekend was earthday. This week we'd like to dedicate our newsletter entirely to it. Do you know, how it started? Why it exists and why it's more important than ever to celebrate it and make earthdayeveryday?

Let's explore all of this.💧

🏆The challenge

We're celebrating Earth day and would like to invite you to join our 30dayEarth challenge. It was created to teach you a little about the environment every day and reward you for your efforts. We'll share the effect that every single action has on the Earth and give some special Patagonia prizes at the end, if you manage to complete all of them!

Sign up today - and the first task will reach your inbox as soon as the countdown stops. ⏰

Let's find more about #earthday!

🎯Origins and facts

#Sustainability has been an important topic for over 50 years. Earth day was started in 1970 in the USA to raise public consciousness about environmental concerns such as pollution, oil spills and vanishing wildlife. 🌱

  • During the first Earth day, twenty million Americans, or about 10 percent of the country’s population at the time participated in various demonstrations around the country. 🧑🏿 🤝 🧑
  • It inspired the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its first decisions - the clean water and air act and the endangered species act.
  • 2011, people planted 28 million trees in Afghanistan as part of a “Plant Trees Not Bombs” campaign.

Today it is a global event that attracts around 1 billion people, who take part in Earth Day activities around the world every year and inspire real change in policy and protection of our planet. And it is in dire need of it.

🪸How has the situation changed since 1970?

Although the day itself is seen as a success, it has not achieved its desired effect.

The global biodiversity has decreased by over 60% since 1970. Humans today use about 50 percent more natural resources than we did 30 years ago and twice more trash. The 20 hottest years ever recorded happened in the last 22 years and 80% of all plastic ever produced is still in the environment. Sounds harsh, doesn't it? 🥶

🌳How to change this?

The slogan for Earthday 2023 is invest in ourplanet. It's a simple idea that we should invest our money in projects and ideas that protect it. We'd like to invite you to invest something else - your time.

Celebrate your commitment to earth and share our passion for it, in the 30dayearth challenge. Every day, you'll get a specific task that will improve your knowledge about sustainable behaviour. Every single little thing you make towards bettering the environment has a great effect, especially if we do it together. 🤝

See you next week! 🫶