Get started on your sustainability journey!

Get started on your sustainability journey!

People often think that having a sustainable brand means having to pay more for things like operational costs and other costs. At first, that may be true, but if you look at the bigger picture, you'll see that going green can be good for the organization in the long run.

You're probably at a point where you're starting to wonder if the business is ready to start a journey toward sustainability. The short answer is that you can never be completely ready. If you ask other businesses and corporations that have changed to become sustainable, they will tell you the same thing. You just need to do it and trust that the process will bring you positive results. Let us walk you through successful practices that companies used to achieve carbon neutrality. Hopefully that will allow you to get you started and fast track your way to becoming sustainable!

  1. Find our your carbon footprint and other important sustainability metrics

There is no way around it. To find out, how you can prepare your company to becoming sustainable, you need to find out, what are the most polluting areas of your business. Maybe it's the inefficient nature of your supply chain, the excess amount of trash your company produces, or simply the energy deficiencies of your office. Whatever it is, understanding it will help you pinpoint the main areas of improvement. Usually, the added efficiency will help you save money in the long run as well.

There are many online tools that will help you complete the analysis. For example, you can use to calculate the energy required to show customers your website and how energy efficient it is. You'd be surprised, how many convenient online tools there are to aid you in your sustainability journey!

2. Prioritizing areas and allocating a budget

Now that you know, what are the sustainability shortcomings of your business, you need to combine this info with your personal, or your companies priorities and distinguish concrete goals!

This is how UNILEVER does theirs

These goals will help you maintain focus on the areas that are important to you and will make allocating money towards achieving your goals a much easier process!

3. Distribute accountability and responsibility with your team!

You cannot do it alone! We know, it's super simple, however people seem to just forget that they need to share their passion with their colleagues! Create a plan of execution, concrete checkpoints and make different people in your organization accountable for different parts of it! This will engage and make your work community join in to what you're doing and make the transitional period a breeze!


You have a plan, you have your targets and have determined the responsible for each part in it. It's time to get started implementing in your companies day to day life. The amount of activities you can do are endless. Create carpool schemes, promote sustainable transport, introduce work from home initiatives, reduce office waste, remove single use products, make your next fleet car electric. Anything that you do will help the environment and once you check back on your progress, you'll be amazed, how small steps combine into great success!

5. Track, share your success and reassess your priorities!

Congratulations! You are well on your way to becoming a sustainability trend setter! All the hard work you and your team have put in set you up for continued success and taught you to adjust in changing market conditions!

It's time to share your achievements with your followers, buyers, shareholders and potential investors. Maybe you haven't heard, but sustainability marketing is the most successful form of marketing in 2022. Your story will attract more customers, or inspire other companies in your network to follow your progress! Which is what all of this is about. A great tool to track all your progress and sustainable practices is Greenifs - an online database that allows you to input all of the sustainable steps you implement in your company. It also generates reports that you can share with your customers!

Back to the start

Finally it's time to settle down and go through the list again. Your problem areas have probably changed, so have your priorities. Adjust to them and see where this road eventually takes you!