- now live on Producthunt - now live on Producthunt
Your sustainability goal generating software is ready. 

We'd like to share a word from our CEO, to introduce the launch of the first major part of the Greenifs software.

This is Vytas, co-founder & CEO of

We have just launched  an important part of the Greenifs platform on ProductHunt. is a free tool that generates sustainability goals for your company using ChatGPT.

OpenAi has taken over the world by storm. Revolutionizing the way we write, interact with customers and search for information.

Now it's time to revolutionize the most important field of our lifetime - sustainability. 🌲

We have spent months refining and adjusting the prompts for ChatGPT and have come up with a simple solution that will allow you to:

  • Generate personalized topics for sustainability goals;
  • Generate unique sustainability goal ideas;
  • Generate, or copy sustainability goal descriptions;


🛠️ Insert information about your business;

🦄 Select goals that interest your company;

🤩 Hit generate and instantly get your custom report!

A beautiful informative report will be generated, sharable on your website, social media accounts, or internally.

🥇 We've been hard at work building out the first version and would love to get YOUR feedback. Check out on Product hunt, test it, comment your thoughts and if you enjoy using it, give us a thumbs up.👍

Check back with us within the coming weeks for the full release of - Greenifs. The all in one solution for sustainability tracking and reporting.