Sustainable Services - The Three Best Examples of Companies Making a Profit by Helping the Environment

Sustainable Services - The Three Best Examples of Companies Making a Profit by Helping the Environment
How to make money while being sustainable

As consumers and investors become more environmentally conscious, companies are recognizing the importance of incorporating sustainability into their business models.

Not only does this create a positive brand image, but it also attracts customers and investors who prioritize environmentally friendly practices.

In this article, we will highlight three companies that are great examples that helping the environment doesn't need to diminish your profits.

  1. First is the engraining sustainability into your company DNA. This can be applied in any field. It only applies to your operations and the way you conduct your business. There is no better example of being sustainable than Patagonia - The clothing manufacturer is a leader in environmental responsibility, consistently funding various initiatives to support the environment. In addition to improving their sales and company reputation, Patagonia's commitment to sustainability sets a positive example for other companies to follow.
  2. Ørsted is an example of a company that produces a sustainable product. In this case it is energy. This renewable energy producer is a prime example of a company that doesn't stop at making sustainability is its business. They lead the world in efficiency of providing clean energy, they conduct further research to improve energy generation capabilities, help other companies improve their efficiency and continuously fund research in the field.

    All these things help their brand image, further sustainability as a whole and transcends them beyond just a company making green electricity. Anybody can learn from them, how being sustainable can improve your image and prestige as a company, whatever you're making.
  3. Clorox. Even though it may seem that creating cleaning products from chemicals can not be sustainable, there are steps all companies can take in the direction of sustainability. The company has committed to making 90% of their product packaging recyclable. This simple act has the potential to keep a significant amount of plastic packaging out of landfills around the world, reducing the company's environmental impact and attracting environmentally conscious consumers.

    Moreover, by choosing sustainable packaging, they managed to adjust their supply chain, and are spending less on their packaging than they did before the change. As you can see by this example, becoming sustainable can oftentimes attract additional benefits. Changing your established processes can not only improve your brand image, but directly minimize your spending and produce a more favorable bottom line at the end of the year.

Just several examples

There are numerous reasons why companies want to be more sustainable, including consumer and investor demand, business leader accountability, and a desire to make a positive impact on the environment. These were just several examples that show the benefits that even small steps towards sustainability can bring companies. The trend of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting has become increasingly popular, as companies aim to showcase their commitment to sustainability and transparency.

In conclusion, companies that prioritize sustainability are not only making a positive impact on the environment, but they're also attracting customers and investors who value environmental responsibility. By following the examples set by companies like Patagonia, Ørsted, and Clorox, businesses can profit while making a difference.

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